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Are you looking for editing help? I am The Finicky Editor, and I want to help you succeed as a writer. If you have taken the time to write something that you believe in, you owe it to yourself to make sure it is the very best that it can be. As a freelance editor I can help you do that. I have a selection of writer’s packages linked below. I can also design a service package tailored just for you, depending on your needs. Check it out.

Writer’s Packages

Ghost Writer

“I wanna write a book someday…”

If I had a dollar for every person I met who said that…well, let’s just say, it happens a lot.

Do you have a great idea or a storied past that you think would make a great book? I can help. If you have the next big novel stuck in your head and you want to get it out, contact me, and let’s talk about it.

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Hey, we all need a helping hand sometimes.

I love helping other writers grow and improve. I offer one-to-one writing coaching, in many forms. In addition, all my editing services generally come with a hefty dose of teaching and coaching. Unless you want “Just the edits, Ma’am,” I will always give the reasons for my edit suggestions, as well as tips to help you improve. My greatest accomplishments as an editor are when I see my clients taking my advice and evolving their skill level.

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Why you should hire me:

I am passionate about my writing and editing, and I take quality very seriously. Attention to detail is much more than a catchphrase to me.

I do not charge clients an hourly rate, which I feel is arbitrary, for both the client and the editor. As a client, a per-word quote gives you an exact number and you do not have to be concerned with how many pages per hour I can edit or pay for any distractions if I get pulled away from task for a few moments. As an editor, per-word pay enables me to focus on the quality of my work, rather than rushing to keep the client on budget.

I have recently revised my services and the way I structure my fees in order to simplify the process and make it easier for you, the writer, to estimate the cost ahead of time. I will never give you a surprise invoice in excess of the agreed amount. If extra work needs to be done during the course of the contracted edit, any additional fees will always be discussed prior to commencement.

I won’t say I am 100% ~ that would be cavalier. However, I always strive for it, and I tend to find things others have missed. I am often hired to fix previously “professionally” edited work and my promise to you is that I will never submit anything less than my very best to you. I don’t believe in that. Your success is my success and my clients will all tell you that I go above and beyond expectations.

I have an innate ability to maintain the author’s/character’s voice when editing. I am well-versed in both US English as well as Canadian/British usage.

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