About Us

What’s in a name?

Welcome to LisaDawnMartinez.com

I’m so glad you came.

What you will find here, now and in the days to come, is a cornucopia of all things me.

I will write about life and all things related…I will offer a place where you can read, learn, and grow–and perhaps even be entertained along the way.

I am about many things and, aside from my pursuit of enlightenment, those things are predominantly writing (both truth and fiction), editing (for me and for you), and coaching (both in life and in writing).

So check out my site, engage with me through comments and sharing. I am here to fulfill my soul’s purpose…and it all comes down to words…

I hope this serves you.





My Story

Every soul has a purpose. Mine is in the sharing of words.

Words that entertain. Words that inspire. Words to ponder. Words that educate. Words that open minds…

If you ask my mother she will tell you stories about how her precocious blond-haired daughter was speaking in conversational sentences at one and a half. If you had asked my father, he would have told you I haven’t stopped talking since.

Words. Glorious words.

They have always been a treasured commodity—treasured but never hoarded. Something to be shared. Uttered. Whispered. Shouted, Sang. Written.

Where would we be without words?

I, for one, never want to find out.

Having a copy of my first favorite book—Mr. Pine’s Purple House, by Leonard Kessler—framed in a shadow box in my office is just the beginning. I surround myself with words. There are inspirational quotes scrolled across painted walls. There are big block letters announcing: EAT in the kitchen and FAMILY in the TV room. And don’t even get me started on my shower stall. I call this space my “vortex of creativity” and keep whiteboard crayons as a staple item beside the shampoo and shower gel. Entire prologues and premises have been scribbled in here as the water turns from hot to cold. Lather, rinse, write, repeat.

If you ask me, I will tell you that I could never stop loving words. Never stop reading them, writing them. When posed the question of if I would ever give up writing—even for ten million dollars—the answer was an unhesitating Never.

All of this makes me ever-grateful that I have been gifted the opportunity to follow my bliss, and to share it with you, the reader. If I can write something, it makes me happy, but if I can write something that entertains, educates, inspires…well, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I am Lisa Dawn Martinez, welcome to my world. I’m so happy you’re here.


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