Writer’s Packages

Finicky Editing/Coaching Services

Next-Level Package

Fees range on average from .03 to .05 cents per word.

This is a complete editing package, specially designed for the author who wants that little something extra. It combines coaching and editing into one process. An assessment is done on your first draft and notes and suggestions for improvement are sent back to author for revisions. Upon completion, and depending on the first assessment, either a second-stage assessment or a line-by-line copy-edit will be recommended at this time.

The exact fees for this will be assessed on a project-by-project basis and will take your novel, short story, or non-fiction piece from rough to polished and ready for self-publishing or submission elsewhere. Payments are made in increments according to the stage of edit to ease the cost on you, the client. Please specify this service when requesting a quote.

Thorough Line-by-Line Copy-editing

Fees range on average from .015 to .02 cents per word.

If the Next-Level could be considered a full-course gourmet meal, then this service is like takeout from your favorite restaurant–quick, easy, and always reliable. This service is best suited for the established author. It is thorough and covers all the bases, with edits/revisions being made directly in the MS through use of Track Changes in Word. You still maintain creative control, accepting or declining individual revisions with the click of a button. I work by CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) standards unless otherwise requested.

Grammar; punctuation; spelling; capitalization errors; typos; incorrect or awkward word usage; redundancies in word usage; sentence structure and flow; inconsistencies throughout the manuscript, whether in narrative voice, characters or point of view (I am a POV specialist); plus, assessing clarity, sense and the overall structure. Fact checking and basic formatting can be added to this service for an additional fee.

Substantive Editing or Rewriting

Fees range on average from .03 to .05 cents per word.

Choose this if you need a deeper edit to address issues such as juggling multiple/mixed POVs, or you require extensive revisions and rewriting, if you have writer’s block in some areas or you just can’t write the perfect ending. This will have all the above-mentioned elements plus any specific revisions needed to polish your manuscript to a publishing-ready shine. All changes are made in-line with Track Changes feature enabled. You always have the final say and can accept or decline any changes or edits I make. I always provide an abundance of comments in order to clarify any changes I make and why. Comments also include any questions I may have or items that require author clarification, as well as verbal pats-on-the-back for all those things you do great.

Manuscript Assessment and Writing Coaching

Manuscript Assessment involves a complete read through of your manuscript with edit notes made in-line with text and in comment bubbles, suggestions will be made using Track Changes feature in word.

Writing coaching can be done on its own by the hour for ‘live’ help via Skype text chat or by the chapter for written feedback of your novel as it progresses.

But wait, Lisa, you forgot to mention Proofreading…

No, I didn’t forget…

I do offer basic proofreading services on finished and fully edited manuscripts; however, I only do this for manuscripts I have edited if the author makes any major revisions post-editing. The reason I do this is that I simply can’t ignore bigger issues, and, honestly, I have worked on manuscripts that were previously “professionally edited” by others and I have yet to come across a manuscript that didn’t require more than a basic spelling or grammar check.

You get what you pay for

This is true in all things, and especially true of editing. I can assure you that the quality you get when you choose The Finicky Editor will be top rate. That is my promise to you, my treasured client.

All rates are extremely competitive and will be quoted in US dollars. These rates apply to electronic editing of Microsoft Word documents. I accept international payment via PayPal, and Canadian payments also via Interac email money transfer.

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