Expect Awesomeness


That is what I intend to do. Not a New Year’s Resolution…more like, a New Me Resolution.

Why not expect the best?

At this point in humanity’s evolutionary process, it is a scientific fact that EVERYTHING distills down to one thing: energy. No matter what you study, be it animal, plant, or mineral (or thoughts and things) it is ALL energy vibrating at different speeds. Changing your circumstances is as easy as changing your thoughts.

We are all connected—you, me, the sun, the moon, the sky…everything. The same as your hand is connected to your arm, we are connected to all that is and all that will be. The air that I take into my lungs to give me life today is the air that someone else breathed in and out yesterday, and someone else the day before, and so on. It is never more obvious than at this time of year; just look at how a cold virus spreads. If you search the term “quantum entanglement” you will see that there is mounting proof of that connectedness. Studies have been done on entangled particles that have been separated—whether in another room or across the country somewhere—these particles BOTH respond to the same stimuli. So, what is done to one particle is “felt” by the other particle, even though nothing has been done to it directly. Cool stuff.

The sooner that we collectively realize that we are all part of the same Source, the sooner we realize that hurting someone else is really the same as hurting ourselves, then all the sooner that our world, our Universe becomes what it was intended to be. The sooner WE become what we were intended to be.

Even if you are a non-believer, thinking and expecting the best can’t hurt. So do it. Try it—no, MORE than try it…BELIEVE it—just for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime is even better. If you truly put yourself into the process and believe in the infinite possibilities of this Universe of ours, then you will find that life will support you in ways you never imagined before you decided to believe.

I intend to be living proof of this. I choose to be the highest version of myself and make the most of every day. I choose to be happy. I choose to follow my bliss—my purpose, my mission. I choose to think the highest thoughts and to find the good in everything I see. I choose—not to be all I can be, but to be all that I already am, because everything is already here, there and inside us. I choose to be happy now.

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